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17 days to go + a pimple

I had hoped this would be a happy post but I’ll be honest with all of you. It’s not. 

Sunday saw a sudden ‘one-third’ departure of my brides maids posse, a sudden pimple had formed somewhere bottom left on my lip and I was constantly reminded by everyone that the date was barely 3 weeks away.

I panicked with the pimple and overloaded it with toothpaste – a home remedy trick that usually works for me but this time, I think I was a little over enthusiastic with the application. The amount of Colgate I put on had burnt my skin to a dark ashy brown… a STARK contrast to my very fair complexion. It has formed a dried tough, wrinkly layer of dead skin 0.5 cm wide, that my concealer simply creased into. At this point, I was almost crying. 

I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night till 3.30am . Monday night was also filled with tossing and turning. It’s obvious I’m suffering from anxiety. M is lovingly trying to find a remedy to my madness but he’s pretty lost especially in cosmetics.

Anyway, after  much research online about acne and scars, I bought tea tree oil and am taking extra care of the scar. I soaked a cotton pad in Chamomile Green Tea with one drop of  T3 Oil and stuck the whole thing  to my dark scar. The soothing concoction seems to have loosen all the dead skin and revealed a (much less dark but still dark) piece of skin below.  Ok, some progress over 2 days! Here’s to the next 17 days of extra care for my pimple scar…  

Will keep you all updated.. if you wanna hear about the life of my pimple that is.

Angbaos are now being filled up with cash for all the helpers.
Decor has been delegated and the vendors are reminded.


Please pray for me. thanks.


Wedding Nightmare..

From one of my bridemaids:


Yup, my second BFF can’t make it for my wedding.. I was in a bus when she sent that message, and I remember not knowing how to react. Chinese superstitions were never something I followed especially when it came to good friends wedding. But I didn’t want her to feel bad, nor seem like I was being unreasonable. After all, she was the one who lost her grandfather, nothing bad had happened to me or my family. I simply told her not to worry about my wedding and to take care.

So with one down.. I now have to re-distribute all the tasks she had to my other 2 bridesmaids (Maid of honour and sister). Sure, I panicked a little. The wedding is less than one month away and I still had to deal with all this reshuffling. Yet, at the back of my head, I knew the best thing to do now was to remain calm. Things happen. Plans don’t fall through perfectly. I needed to rely on good friends who were coming and everything would be fine.

Hope you brides out there that are facing a similar predicament relax and take charge of your wedding, like a boss!


DIY: Doily Buntings

New last minute DIY project. I promise. heh.

I’ve seen this project everywhere! Probably because it’s so simple. The whole thing took me one hour to do (includes pockets of TV watching) and I done!




1) Start with folding your doilies in half, I find using bigger doilies nicer, but it’s really based on your personal preference.
2) The number of doilies depend on how long your streamer is, mine was about 3m long.
3) Start dotting glue in the middle of the doily, along the line that you folded it on. I’m using woodcraft glue, found in Daiso ($2)
4) Place the middle glue dots upon the rope/string you have and continue till you are done.
5) Let it dry. Do leave some of the ends out for easy tying.

I managed to do this one last one in the midst of all the wedding prep. I’m still hanging on and getting ready for the 15th.  🙂


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Happy Anniversary!

25 days to go.

WordPress tells me that this blog is officially 1 year old today. I am slightly doubtful at the announcement, cause in my head it feels like I’ve only started documenting this process 6 months ago. Time sure flies. It’s been one heck of a journey sewing, gluing and DIY-ing, and here I am, 365 days later.. with only 25 days to go. Final leg of this wonderful race, let it be as smooth as the last year.  🙂

Here are some pictures of Silhouette’s Shophouse.


Hope you girls have a great day.


Silhouette Atelier (Part II)

26 days more to go.. OMG. When did the front number become 2???

Last Thursday was my 3rd fitting with Silhouette and my 2nd last. The final fitting will happen 1.5 weeks before the wedding. And we pick up the outfits 3 days before the wedding. 

My dress still fits (thank God!) and looks even more gorgeous than before.. So excited to be wearing it! I can afford to lose a little more tummy honestly. I did minimal edits to the dress. Maybe just taking in the sleeves a little, that’s all.


A little glimpse into the beautiful shop house of Silhouette where I go for my fittings.. It’s located at Emerald Hill.

I’m busy building up the Actual Day’s Schedule and slightly panicky that I don’t have enough people to help me out.. Back to work! and will update soon. 🙂


Prepping for a fitting.

30 days more.

Not freaking out. Not freaking out. (breathe and repeat)

I’m rushing off from work this evening to catch my 6.30 pm fitting appointment with Silhouette Atelier. M is trying his suite, hopefully everything fits, then he goes off while I try on my dress. (He’s not allowed to see the dress remember?)

I wanted to show you what I brought along hopefully it would help you when you are preparing for a fitting.

Chicken Cutlets! Just Kidding. Silicon stick-on bra. If you want cleavage, on your dress has a low back, or you just don’t like bras.

2. All my jewellery/accessories for the day! I brought my earrings, and my bracelets.

3. This little bag contains my clips and pins and hair ties, in case I want to try a certain hairstyle on location.

4. Of course, super important. My shoes.

More updates after tonight!

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33 days to go.


I was on my Google calendar this afternoon, trying to start lining the rest of the month up to the big day. Boy, do I have a line up in store…

  1. Fittings for me and M this Thursday.
  2. Meeting with our Priest this Saturday.
  3. Updating RSYC on Official numbers next week.
  4. 2nd Hair Trial on 25th
  5. M’s birthday on the 4th (completely unrelated but no less important)
  6. Last Fitting on 5th June
  7. Church Rehearsal (that apparently no one can make it for..) 6th June
  8. BFF’s arrival from Melbourne on the 8th
  9. Mani Pedi on the 11th
  10. ROM verification on the 12th at 8.30am -.-
    Pack bags, decorate the car, pack my make up, buy flowers, do up bouquet.. 

I’m not stressed, or so I tell myself. Maybe if I keep it all in the stress won’t manifest as much. There’s 33 days to do all of the above, I’ve got more than enough time to get things done. 

The meeting with our priest, Fr. Gregoire Van Giang is this saturday and below is the list of things we have to bring along.. good to know for most catholic brides!

OLPS Wedding

Finally, I just want to post this wedding palette from Bridal Musing, one of my bookmarked sites on my “Wedding Fever” tab.  This, I think, is one of the closest palettes I have ever seen for my wedding. Ever. I love it. Favourite one yet. 


Ines Di Santo via Bridal Reflections | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty | Tinywater Photographyvia Style Me Pretty | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty |Harwell Photography via Grey Likes Weddings | One Love Photography via Style Unveiled | Eric Kelley via Grey Likes Weddings | Harwell Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

Will update after this thursday fitting! Don’t forget to say hi!



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My complete list of vendors.

37 days more. I realised my last countdown was wrong, boy that must have confused some of you.

Anyway, here are my confirmed list of vendors for the day:
Wedding Dress & Suite: Silhouette The Atelier
Florist: 86 Creation
Photographer: Bittersweet by Joseph
Videographer: Fotowerke
Hair: Christina
Lunch Reception: Catering Culture
Bridal Party’s Nails: Lavishing Me
Dinner: RSYC
Photobooth: Phooth SG

Everything else…. done by friends, family and me. 🙂 Those which I have not reviewed yet, I will do so soon. I know some of you out there are curious and doing your research so I’ll do my best to help you out. That will be coming up in a few posts time. 

A little shout out to Luna Pom Poms who came by and said Hi! If you girls in SG are looking for more tissue/paper poms poms or beautiful paper lanterns, drop by their site to get them.


Till the next post,


NOT dead !

I’ve been gone for a long time haven’t I? Sorry. Work has been crazy busy. And no, I haven’t died under a pile of tulle , scotch tape and paper pom poms.

Anyway, at this point, I’ve stopped all DIYs (as any bride should when you less than 1.5 months away) and tying up lose ends like RSVPs and the entire day’s itinerary. And I’ve also confirmed my leave for 11-17 june! My next fitting is next week and I’m only 34 days away. 

M and I thought about it and decided that since we’ve saved on a lot of things throughout the planning process we should just go ahead and get a videographer for our day. After a bit of research on SingaporeBrides forum, we settled with fotowerke.
1) they were really friendly on the pocket!
2) they were available for our actual day which was surprising considering we’re quite near the date.
3) they had shot at our church before which means they know good angles and good timing for the mass.

It was an easy decision for me. We signed them and paid up the 40% deposit already. 🙂

I started the table seating arrangement a long time ago, which hasn’t been too much trouble or headache as most brides say it is.. I guess mine is a small party, makes it slightly easier. Most people are coming too so no need to reshuffle people.

TIP: There is no such thing as starting too early. Whether your wedding is 1 year from now or 2, start your planning now! (It helps that your BF has actually proposed and you’re not just planning an imaginary one.. )

A little update through pictures:


Possible hairstyles I’m exploring!ImageImage

Okay, maybe I did die a little under paper poms poms. 🙂

Hope you girls (or guys) have a wonderful evening! Thanks for reading.



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