My complete list of vendors.

37 days more. I realised my last countdown was wrong, boy that must have confused some of you.

Anyway, here are my confirmed list of vendors for the day:
Wedding Dress & Suite: Silhouette The Atelier
Florist: 86 Creation
Photographer: Bittersweet by Joseph
Videographer: Fotowerke
Hair: Christina
Lunch Reception: Catering Culture
Bridal Party’s Nails: Lavishing Me
Dinner: RSYC
Photobooth: Phooth SG

Everything else…. done by friends, family and me. 🙂 Those which I have not reviewed yet, I will do so soon. I know some of you out there are curious and doing your research so I’ll do my best to help you out. That will be coming up in a few posts time. 

A little shout out to Luna Pom Poms who came by and said Hi! If you girls in SG are looking for more tissue/paper poms poms or beautiful paper lanterns, drop by their site to get them.


Till the next post,



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