33 days to go.


I was on my Google calendar this afternoon, trying to start lining the rest of the month up to the big day. Boy, do I have a line up in store…

  1. Fittings for me and M this Thursday.
  2. Meeting with our Priest this Saturday.
  3. Updating RSYC on Official numbers next week.
  4. 2nd Hair Trial on 25th
  5. M’s birthday on the 4th (completely unrelated but no less important)
  6. Last Fitting on 5th June
  7. Church Rehearsal (that apparently no one can make it for..) 6th June
  8. BFF’s arrival from Melbourne on the 8th
  9. Mani Pedi on the 11th
  10. ROM verification on the 12th at 8.30am -.-
    Pack bags, decorate the car, pack my make up, buy flowers, do up bouquet.. 

I’m not stressed, or so I tell myself. Maybe if I keep it all in the stress won’t manifest as much. There’s 33 days to do all of the above, I’ve got more than enough time to get things done. 

The meeting with our priest, Fr. Gregoire Van Giang is this saturday and below is the list of things we have to bring along.. good to know for most catholic brides!

OLPS Wedding

Finally, I just want to post this wedding palette from Bridal Musing, one of my bookmarked sites on my “Wedding Fever” tab.  This, I think, is one of the closest palettes I have ever seen for my wedding. Ever. I love it. Favourite one yet. 


Ines Di Santo via Bridal Reflections | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty | Tinywater Photographyvia Style Me Pretty | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty | Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty |Harwell Photography via Grey Likes Weddings | One Love Photography via Style Unveiled | Eric Kelley via Grey Likes Weddings | Harwell Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings

Will update after this thursday fitting! Don’t forget to say hi!



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