Prepping for a fitting.

30 days more.

Not freaking out. Not freaking out. (breathe and repeat)

I’m rushing off from work this evening to catch my 6.30 pm fitting appointment with Silhouette Atelier. M is trying his suite, hopefully everything fits, then he goes off while I try on my dress. (He’s not allowed to see the dress remember?)

I wanted to show you what I brought along hopefully it would help you when you are preparing for a fitting.

Chicken Cutlets! Just Kidding. Silicon stick-on bra. If you want cleavage, on your dress has a low back, or you just don’t like bras.

2. All my jewellery/accessories for the day! I brought my earrings, and my bracelets.

3. This little bag contains my clips and pins and hair ties, in case I want to try a certain hairstyle on location.

4. Of course, super important. My shoes.

More updates after tonight!

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2 thoughts on “Prepping for a fitting.

  1. Michelle says:

    hi may i know where did you get your wedding shoes from? Im having trouble finding the right shoe. thank you!!!

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