Wedding Nightmare..

From one of my bridemaids:


Yup, my second BFF can’t make it for my wedding.. I was in a bus when she sent that message, and I remember not knowing how to react. Chinese superstitions were never something I followed especially when it came to good friends wedding. But I didn’t want her to feel bad, nor seem like I was being unreasonable. After all, she was the one who lost her grandfather, nothing bad had happened to me or my family. I simply told her not to worry about my wedding and to take care.

So with one down.. I now have to re-distribute all the tasks she had to my other 2 bridesmaids (Maid of honour and sister). Sure, I panicked a little. The wedding is less than one month away and I still had to deal with all this reshuffling. Yet, at the back of my head, I knew the best thing to do now was to remain calm. Things happen. Plans don’t fall through perfectly. I needed to rely on good friends who were coming and everything would be fine.

Hope you brides out there that are facing a similar predicament relax and take charge of your wedding, like a boss!


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