17 days to go + a pimple

I had hoped this would be a happy post but I’ll be honest with all of you. It’s not. 

Sunday saw a sudden ‘one-third’ departure of my brides maids posse, a sudden pimple had formed somewhere bottom left on my lip and I was constantly reminded by everyone that the date was barely 3 weeks away.

I panicked with the pimple and overloaded it with toothpaste – a home remedy trick that usually works for me but this time, I think I was a little over enthusiastic with the application. The amount of Colgate I put on had burnt my skin to a dark ashy brown… a STARK contrast to my very fair complexion. It has formed a dried tough, wrinkly layer of dead skin 0.5 cm wide, that my concealer simply creased into. At this point, I was almost crying. 

I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night till 3.30am . Monday night was also filled with tossing and turning. It’s obvious I’m suffering from anxiety. M is lovingly trying to find a remedy to my madness but he’s pretty lost especially in cosmetics.

Anyway, after  much research online about acne and scars, I bought tea tree oil and am taking extra care of the scar. I soaked a cotton pad in Chamomile Green Tea with one drop of  T3 Oil and stuck the whole thing  to my dark scar. The soothing concoction seems to have loosen all the dead skin and revealed a (much less dark but still dark) piece of skin below.  Ok, some progress over 2 days! Here’s to the next 17 days of extra care for my pimple scar…  

Will keep you all updated.. if you wanna hear about the life of my pimple that is.

Angbaos are now being filled up with cash for all the helpers.
Decor has been delegated and the vendors are reminded.


Please pray for me. thanks.



2 thoughts on “17 days to go + a pimple

  1. lunapompom says:

    Pimple, be gone!

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