8 days more + a rehearsal

Days/hours/minutes are passing by like nobody’s business. My eyes close for just one second and BHAM!, 10, 9 , 8 days to go. It’s not so crazy now, I think I’ve planned the day well and it’ll run smoothly or as smoothly as God wants it to. In all in His Hands now. 🙂

Last night the whole wedding party headed down to my church at OLPS for our wedding rehearsal. We rehearsed the walk-in about 6 times just to get the timing right, ran through the order of the Catholic Mass and after making sure we get all the things right, we all went for dinner 🙂

RSYC called yesterday to remind me to confirm the florist colours and theme, which was easy – Cream/Champagne/Pink. Good of them to remind me though, we’ve been so busy with guest lists, slides, songs till I’m not sure what else I”m forgetting.

These are my confirmed accessories for the day!


Tomorrow Saturday, BFF is finally flying down from Australia to help me with the last week of madness before I finally get married. Sunday we’ll get together and start planning everything out. Monday I head back to work for one more day then I’m on leave!



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