Photos from my phone.

Since some of you guys have asked for photos, these are the basic few I took with my handphone, they are more behind the scenes kinda pictures. The ones from my photographer Bittersweet by Joseph will have to wait for some time, I think. Hope you enjoy! 


Bridal Nails done @ Lavishing Me at Cuppage Plaza. My artiste name was Evangeline. She’s super friendly and accommodated to my nail design that I wanted. I’m sure some of you have seen this design floating around pinterest so I followed it. The “I Love You” was one the ring finger so M will see it when he puts on the ring!Image





My Bridemaids and my bouquet! Middle one is mine, if you haven’t figured it out yet. 🙂 Bridemaids bouquets were DIYed and my bouquet was from 86 Creation from Depot Heights. Image




My Church on Friday night. Interesting story – the flags you see were NOT put up by me. They were put up by the church for a separate event altogether. And while some brides may have completely lost it because it ‘wasn’t in their colour scheme‘ I really really liked it!Image


The Church canteen done up by my awesome friends. Poms poms by me!Image


Day of the wedding, this was the set up on my cupboard!.Check out the DIY hangers 🙂 Image


RSYC set up at sunset – the view from my hotel room. Too freaking beautiful man.Image


My wedding cake, courtesy of my amazing mother. look at all the colourful cupcakes all decorated and each one different from the other with the toppers I made for her! And my favourite piece of all, my cute wooden cake toppers and my floating signage!!!!Image


Another view of my beautiful bouquet – roses, eustomas, and peonies.


And.. finally, i can show you my dress.. 🙂 It was a dress I didn’t want to take off. I love every moment I spent in it. I felt like a Queen. 




If you guys would like to see more, stay tuned in the up coming weeks.. I’ll update when I get my pictures back. Reviews to come too…




7 thoughts on “Photos from my phone.

  1. jane says:

    Nice!! Im a SA bride too! Can i check if the flowers by 86 creations are good? From the pics, some of the tips of the white roses seems to have turned colour.

    • Hi Jane.. That lone photo of the bouquet was taken at 11am the day after the wedding. I think the colour is to be expected. 86 Creation was great in my opinion. The design of the bouquet turned out exactly how I wanted. All white/blush and luscious. And overall, not that expensive. xoxo

      • jane says:

        Oh i see.. my flowers wld be frm the same vendor. I’m rest assured after the gd review from u. :)) I look forward to seeing more if your wedding pics by bittersweet joseph!

  2. lunapompom says:

    Beautiful dress. Really romantic and feminine. Looking forward to more pictures!

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