Post-wedding Review: 86 Creation Florist

Florist: 86 Creation (

Quality: 4/5
When I saw my bouquet the first time I remember gasping. It was perfect. Big and lushcious and white and glamourous. The flowers arrived in a bag of water that I kept attached to the bouquet until 1 hour before my church walk-in. I spray the flowers with flower hourly from Friday night to SAturday ensuring it didn’t dry out.
Corsages were also given as requested – pink and white eustomas, not too big. I would have like M’s white rose corsage to be bigger but I suppose she didn’t have that flower on hand.

Below is my inspiration picture vs my actual bouquet… Pretty close right! I might be bias but I like my bouquet better. haha.


Customer service: 3.5/5
I met Jennifer last December and discussed this plan with her. She was quick to tell me what was available in my price range and suggestions. That was the last time I saw and spoke to her too because there was no necessary contact till Friday where M collected the bouquet for me.

Price: 4/5
Although it was included in my silhouette package, I had to pay them first then the price will be deducted from my 2nd payment to Silhouette. Strange arrangement if you ask me, but no problem to me.
I paid $180 for bouquet / 6 corsages / hair flowers.
Bouquet had 6 peonies. I did my research, price is definitely below average.

Overall: 4/5
Good! No major complains at all. Easy and trustworthy seller. Maybe her location was a little inconvinient in Depot heights (Henderson area) but other than that, pretty good.


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