Post-wedding Review: Phooth (Photo Booth)

Photo booth: Phooth
Contact person: Carol

Service: 5/5
They responded to my emails promptly and was very clear with the service they were providing. They also bared with my fickle designs on the picture border. Which I went back and forth with them till I thought it was perfect. On the day itself, they were very friendly with my guests and even in the hot outdoor weather, they took well to the stuffy area they had.

Quality: 5/5
They brought SO MANY props! I many there were close to a hundred props – costumes hats, swords, banners, cards that said the funniest lines! I’m giving them a 5/5 because they were honestly one of the best decisions I made to have for the wedding. Everyone absolutely enjoyed themselves and was really excited about the photobooth. Some were really hogging it! haha. Everyone had so much fun and my only regret was that I only hired them for 2 hours, but in retrospect I think 2 hours was enough.. if not no one would have sat down and listened to our speeches!

Price: 4.5/5
I got them through a Groupon Promotion at $288 for 2 hours, Unlimited print outs, Unlimited props.. Go Groupon! And even though i used a coupon, Phooth did not treat me any differently. It was really cheap in my opinion and so well worth the price.

Overall: 5/5
I can’t stop singing their praises. They were awesome and a definite highlight of the wedding. Everyone loved it. I highly recommend them should you want one too. 🙂


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