Post-wedding Review: Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Dinner location: RSYC

Before this review, I just wanna state a disclaimer that M is a member of RSYC and has been for almost 10 years. Our easy wedding may have been a result of M knowing a few people thus making the flow a lot easier.

Service: 4/5
There’s very little to complain about. I didn’t interact much with the staff on that night. However correspondence with the F&B executive Bella was smooth throughout the months leading up to the wedding. No one really complained about bad service so I’m presuming everything went well. Our banquet manager knows M very well because M’s been a member for quite a while, he was very nice and made sure we always had food in our buffet trays and that the drinks were always topped up.

Location: 3.7/5
Some of my friends got lost. haha It’s true it’s not exactly the easier place to find cause it’s very ‘in’. That being said, I love that it’s not crowded.

Atmosphere: 4.5/5
My favourite aspect I think. With the sunset as our backdrop, it was really just perfect. It didn’t rain, it wasn’t hazing and it was quite breezy. It was relaxed and absolutely perfect. The decor was nice too, the florist used a lot of pink and white eustomas which was in line to my whole theme. 🙂

Price: 5/5
Affordable and worth it.

I loved my wedding. Regardless of could have possibly happened, I enjoyed it all. The location was great but the experience of having this huge party with all your loved ones was even better.



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