Hello again!

Hi everyone.. *crickets chirping*

Ok so maybe no one comes around here anymore but I’ve been missing some creative action and I decided to start documenting (again..) the process of my new house!

Kinda like a graduation of sorts, wedding then house, who knows sooner or later I’ll start a mommy blog. THAT is another story for another time.. For now, I’m starting on my 1 year journey to interior design heaven. (Or hell depending on my fickle brain.) I’ll be holding on to the same principles I designed my wedding with – Cheap/Good/DIY/Meaningful  so if you are a Singapore new wife waiting patiently for your BTO (Built to Order) Flat to get ready, you could tag along and share your ideas or home decor with me too!

Come join me? 🙂 myhomeonadime.wordpress.com


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4 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. surrealme says:

    Im so glad I chanced upon,ur blog! Im gettimg married in Dec 14 and am looking ard for diy ideas. I love how u share ur diy tips:) do u have any tips or ideas on how to decorate church? eg pews? Im having my weddi ng in Catholic church too!


    • Hi Valerie, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Glad you like the DIY tutorials. Church is slightly difficult as we need to know how flexible your church is with the amount of decorating! We could [like me] make poms poms or multi ribbons on the pew. Maybe even DIY with dried flowers instead of fresh for a more vintage look. Many many options! Have fun brainstorming. xoxo B

      • surrealme says:

        Hi B,
        Thnks!! Im looking into tissue pompom, paper flower fans etc have looked at YouTube video (Thnk God for YouTube!) am not a crafty person by nature so this is rather New to me!
        Do u know where r Good craft shops in sg? Spotlight and artcraft ( sth like tt)?
        I did search for tissue poms online but itss expensive ( I think for pre-made ones) ! Its basically crepe paper and wire? Do share on where we can source the items frm 😉 if u dont mind!


      • I shopped at spotlight too and random bookstores that sold crepe paper in my neighbourhood. Just keep your eyes open for them, you’ll find them! Tissue poms tutorials are everywhere and they are so easy to make, so i truly advocate making them yourself! have fun..
        xoxo B

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