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Wedding Nails

I called Silhouette asking if we could come down soon for a fitting but turns out my next fitting is in May. Which is weird. Cos I remember very clearly we agreed on February. Reason being, she said, we want to alter as close to the actualy date as possible so the fitting will be accurate. Oh well. Can’t see the dress for the next 3 months then.

I’ve been scanning pinterest for nail designs I love recently. As well as wondering which nail salon I should head over to. There are a few favourites I have now but I still don’t know where is worth my money. I want to keep things quitee simple, no bejeweled nails for me. I can’t stand the feeling of having things on my finger nails.


I’m thinking french manicure with a slight twist. I’m not too certain what that slight twist might be now… Maybe a little bit of glitter, or a lacey design or a flower stiker?


Source: via Denise on Pinterest


Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Something else….

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

So which one to choose?? They all look so beautiful.

I’ve been looking into holding my pampering manicure session with my BMs at these places:

1. Thumblina Nails @ Bukit Timah
2. Pink Parlour @ several locations
3. Nails Cottage @ punggol
4. Juup Nails @ Several Locations
 5. Envy Nail Lounge @ Peck Seah
6. My Cozy Room @ Cairnhill

Any others you recommend?  Let me know.. Thanks!



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DIY Project: Bridal Hangers

I finally made my personalised hangers! Yay.. They’ve been on my to-do list for a very long time so I’m excited to announce that they are finally done.

Materials needed: Hangers / Sticker letters / ribbons
Cost: $2 per hanger x 4  = $8! Hangers were from Diaso!


I got the letters free thanks to Paper Market Voucher given to me by my colleagues, I also had the lace string hanging around my craft cupboard so that too didn’t add to the cost price. That, my friends, is a huuuge feat considering etsy sells them for $20 USD each!


I didn’t want to make them too complicated or have too much embellishments on them. For the foam words, I added some white glue to have extra hold.  Just wanted them cute and personalised. I am super duper happy with the way they turned out and can’t wait for them to show in photos on the actual day!



One more project to add to the whole list of DIYs! 🙂

Next one should be my DIY cupcake tier but we’ll see how it goes.. At the rate time is passing, I’ll soon have to start printing the invitations already.

Our priest has signed our forms and we’ve confirmed our venue for the morning mass. Phew! So much to do, I wondering how other brides are doing!!

Do you like the hangers and did you DIY you’re own, let me know..


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Bridal Robes

Whenever I look at wedding blogs, I always find myself gravitating towards pictures of the bride getting ready. She’s relaxed and glowing with such joy, sitting with her bridemaids, getting her make up and hair done in her white robes.. It’s my favourite part of the day when I look at the photos of the day.


Sources: 1, 2, 3

So I’m gonna try and recreate that gorgeousness myself! I really wanted a bridal robe.. Something white and silk, something very comfy and pretty.. But (of course) something that didn’t break the bank. So I started researching for cheap silk robes that I could bling up on my own! Cotton On Body sells ‘kimono’ robes in pretty japanese prints at $24.95 each. Etsy also sells gorgeous ones ranging from 25 SGD – 45 SGD. Still not cheap enough for me 😦


So I headed to my trusty in hopes I could find something cheaper and yet as pretty! Low and behold, I found this baby..


Guess how much it was…

JUST $8.11 USD. Which converts to around SGD$10.50. With Free Shipping. *mini scream*

I feel as if I’ve hit a jackpot. It was perfect in white, with the delicate lace, in comfy silk! Winner!

Will post reviews and pictures when it arrives, so all you bridal babies who want to own your own beautiful robes can do so without paying so much! I’m even thinking of sticking on my own bling saying “Bride” ..

🙂 Good buy? What do you guys think…?



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DIY: Flower Crowns

Love her DIY hair tutorials, I may want to try her hairstyle for my hair! Subscribe to letsmakeitup1 if you wanna watch her wedding series, it started today with this first tutorial.. 🙂


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Bridesmaids dresses are here!

Pictures courtesy of BFF from all the way from Melbourne, Australia!

Dresses were from I’m loving it!! All 3 dresses cost me $190. Wayy under budget 🙂


DIY Flower Crowns!

After BFF made a request to wear them I decided to grant her wish and make all my bridesmaids wear one! Flower crowns are all the rage now. I’m hoping they’ll still in style next year.  :/

Anyhoooo, here’s a simple tutorial to make a “half flower crown”. I thought having the whole round crown might be a little too much especially since their dresses are so simple. Half Crowns allow for the chic/boho look without looking overwhelming!

Cost: $11.90 for 21 stalks of foam flowers that made all 3 crowns. So each crown cost me $3.90 🙂
Supplies: Foam flowers from Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura.

1. Prepare 7 wired flower stalks.
2. Bend each one at a 90 degree angle just below the flower, this will create the path on which you will connect other flowers.
3. Take another flower and begin to bend it, and wrap the excess wire along the first one.
4. Continue bending and wrapping each additional flower till you are done.
5. Try on the crown and make sure it fits the curve of your head.
6. When wearing, place pins along the crown, securing it to the hair.

Ta-dah! Feedback from the girls is that they love it. I hope they’re not saying to appease me though! I got a slightly pink one for my maid of honour and cream for the other 2 girls.

What do you think of it? Quite a cheap craft right?! Let me know. 🙂

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Found Bridemaids dress!

The long and ardeous search for the perfect bridesmaids dress is over! My (awesomest!) Maid of honour, was given the task to hunt it down for me. I gave her a tight budget of $300 for all 3 bridemaids and told her that this should cover everything from the dress to shoes to makeup to accesories. She bravely took on the challenge and 9 months later…… we found it!

At first we thought of tailoring it, but the more research I did the more worried I got! The quotes ranged from $90 – $150 SGD!! My budget was too tight to have them tailor made for the girls.. So we look to the online world for some awesome discounts.

I wanted it to fit the lace/doily theme, come in a neutral cream/pink shade and be of a Midi length for the girls to easily run around!

Places we look at to find cheap-chic BM dresses:
1. – UK based
2. – US based
2. – US based
2. – US based
3. – Singapore base
4. – Singapore base
5. – Singpaore base

Some of our favourites were:

But in the end we chose this simple, elegant beauty from ….

🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to see them in it! Do you think these dresses go with creamy rose flower crowns? I’m think of making it for them!


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Ideas for Bouquets

Remember my 4K package dilemma that included that beautiful dress?

Well, I’m here to tell you that… We got the package! 🙂 I spoke to M about it and we decided to go it. We probably will be saving on other areas such as flowers for the church and doing more DIY stuff but that’s all worth it when I think of that beautiful dress I will be wearing..

OMG! So freakin excited to go for my first fit in December and best of all, BFF Maid of honour will be back by then!! ❤

That dress is from The Silhouette Atelier.  Other than the made-to-measure dress, it will includes M’s suite (Jacket & Pants only) and from their external vendor 86Creation Florist, my bouquet, 6 boutonnières (or as they call it in Singapore, corsages) and bridal car decor.

Suddenly I got to thinking what kind of bouquets I should be carrying! I want something sweet, romantic yet with unstated glamour, after all I am wearing a fully laced gown, this bouquet should hold up well to the dress. Maybe something, pale pink and white?

I’ve been pinning around on Pinterest, and these are some of my favourites…

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest


And these for my Bridesmaids..


So pretty and sweet! I hope my florist will be able to create something similar for me. I have not met them yet! Will schedule something for December when BFF is back too.


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The Wedding Gown

2 days, 3 Bridal houses, 15 dresses and 1 very exhausted maid-of-honour later, I finally found the perfect dress. It was everything I dreamed about and more. Elegant and absolutely stunning. Even on the rack it took my breath away. Even BFF did a squeal and a jump and the thing is, we never agree on fashion. EVER. Sadly though, the Bridal house did not allow photography. I’ll describe it, you try and imagine it.

1. A fully laced gown Alecon mixed with Chantilly.
2. The most perfectly seamless mermaid cut out of all I tried.
3. Probably the defining feature that got me completely sold was the bateau clear netting over the sweetheart neckline and lace appliques over the shoulder.

Think 1960’s Hollywood glamour. Then again, what do I know about the 1960’s. 🙂 The point is.. I found my dress. I found it. I finally found my dress!! YAY! *Jumps up and down, runs all around the house*

Now the headache.. its not cheap. AT ALL. Their package includes:
1. My gown for rent
2. His suite to keep
3. One bouquet for me
4. 6 Boutonnieres
5. Bridal Car Decorations.

All that for $4K. I tried asking for a quote for the dress alone.. $3800. WHAT? That doesn’t make sense. I mean, I know this kinda thing happens in the industry quite a bit. Dress cost 90% of the package. But.. why?!

What do I do? I can’t wrap my head around spending so much money on this… But I know I’ll regret not getting it. I need to speak to M about this. AHHHHHHHHHH….. Would you pay $4k for all that? I have definitely heard of more expensive packages, some ranging up to 6K. So this isn’t so bad right? Right?!

oh, by the way, if a few Singapore Brides-to-be are wondering which ones I visited, they are [in no particular order] – LaMarie Wedding House, Blessed Brides and The Silhouette Atelier.

Quick thank you to the Best BFF in the world.. Thank you for your honesty, your love and your undying resolve to find me that perfect dress. Its because of you I made that appointment and its because of you, I found that perfect dress..


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Blessed Brides Dress Fitting

A little peek into my fitting last night! One more this evening.. than I’ll explain all I’ve learnt in another (long) post.