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DIY Tutorial: Cupcake Stand

130 days to go!

Super overdue.. but here is my simple tutorial on my very DIY cupcake stand.

First of all, let me tell you how ‘DIY’ this whole thing is. Cake bases very cardboard ones I bought from a nameless store in Bedok Interchange that sells EVERYTHING -from kettles to curtains, brooms to cake moulds. They vary in price but all four bases cost below $15. I cut out circles from black vanguard and for the stands in between the circles, I used earbud boxes. Yes, you heard me. Earbud boxes. $2 each from Daiso. So not only do I have clear sturdy stand, I also have enough earbuds to last me the next 3 years.

Cost: 3 x earbud containers ($6) + $15 for cake bases =  $21

There are many brilliant tutorials online that teach you how to make your own. Check out this page for a great compilation!

cake1 cake2


1. Gather materials! You’ll need cake bases as tiers (depending on how many tiers you want), solid colour or patterned papers and stands from the in-between. Glue guns and scissors too!

2. Start by preparing each bases, cut and glue the paper and let dry.

3. Then measure to find where the middle spot is. Glue gun the bottom to the bases ensuring its in the middle for good balance.

4. Decorate as you deem fit!

What do you think? Let me know.. 🙂 Finalising the design for the invites now.

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My Florist: 86 Creation

The last 3 days have been an absolute whirlwind. BFF finally flew down, M went for his fitting, I went for mine, we went to get our florist settled and went to 2 site viewings, church and RSYC for BFF to get a rough idea. Will slowly blog about everything.. but for today, some information on 86 Creation.


Our appointment was at 1pm at the florist located at Depot Heights Shopping Centre. For those who have no clue as to where that is, it’s near bukit merah/henderson. Wasn’t very difficult finding the shop since it’s located on the first floor and the sign is pretty huge.

The shop doesn’t look fantastic I’ll be honest, but I believe its the quality of the flowers that matter!  We spoke with Jennifer whom I made the appointment with, she invited me and BFF to sit down and then proceeded to speak to us about the choices we had. I brought along the iPad to show her my pinterest bouquet page, making it easier for her to get my idea of what I wanted. According to the Silhouette, our flower package was $150 for:

1. Simple Bridal Bouquet
2. 2x Corsages for Groom (but I decided to give one to the Bestman)
3. 4x corsages for parents
4. Bridal Car decor.

The options given for the bridal bouquet with that budget was honestly really ugly. Lots of leaves and flowers I didn’t really like – lillies, small roses. So I opted out of the bridal car decor and used that to upgrade my bouquet. The bridal car decor I could very well do my own or have none at all. Wasn’t very important to me.. What was important was that I had my exact flowers that I wanted.


I finally settled with this photo as my inspiration!

I told her I wanted:
* as little leaves as possible as I wanted my bouquet to be all blush/ivory and lush.
* stems to show a little at the bottom instead of completely covering it up with ribbon
(Although she tells me that if I don’t ensure the stems are dry, water may drip onto my dress!!!)
* use 3 of my favourite flowers: Peonies, Roses and Eustomas (which is what is in the above picture)
* a round bouquet instead of a flat top.

Peonies were an additional top up of $30 though. They will give 6 blooms plus 1 for my hair. I didn’t mind, I really wanted peonies. 🙂


As for corsages, she gave us orchids with red berries for our parents.. but I don’t like orchids and requested for pink eutomas instead. M’s corsage will be like my inspiration picture, large classic ivory rose. Simple and suited for him. 🙂

So what I’m getting:
1. Ivory/Blush Bouquet – Peonies, Roses, Eustomas
2. 4x Pink Eustomas Corsages
3. 2x White rose corsages

Cost: $150 + $30 = $180

I may not be an expert in this field, but from my basic knowledge of flowers this package is actually still okay, even with the top up! Corsages normally range from $10 – $12.. and a bouquet with peonies can cost from $150 – $200.

Picking up the bouquet will be done the night before the big day – 14th June 2013 at 6pm. .
I’m loving my bouquet already!

86 Creation Florist
108 Depot Road
 Depot Heights Shopping Centre #01-13 Singapore 100108
+65 62712218 

Next up.. my fitting at Silhouette and more about EE (Engagement Encounter)


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DIY: Flower Crowns

Love her DIY hair tutorials, I may want to try her hairstyle for my hair! Subscribe to letsmakeitup1 if you wanna watch her wedding series, it started today with this first tutorial.. 🙂


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Wedding Videos

Coco Rocha + James Conran

This is not a new video – in fact I think it’s really old. Probably 2-3 years old. But it never gets old. For me at least.

This whole wedding was such an inspiration to what I wanted for our wedding. It’s probably my 100th time watching the video today and I such am in such awe of the beautiful details. Her PERFECTLY round rose bouquet, her Zac Posen mermaid gown, her slightly smokey eye makeup, his simple tuxedo with that gorgeous white boutonnière rose.

VERY COINCIDENTALLY, Coco Lee’s wedding was also to die for… I should write about that another day.. I want to be a Coco.

Which leads me to wondering if I should hire a videographer… (I know, I know.. it’s not a wedding on a dime any more if I keep adding on this list of things I want..) But I wonder if at the end of the day, I would really watch it often and is it worth paying a professional to do it. I want to capture the morning and the ‘getting ready’ process, it’s my favourite part of the day..

Some go as low as little as SGD$488 for half day filming (VideoBox) and some go as high as SGD$2680 for 8 hours of filming (36frames). Of course it will highly depends on their skills/experiences/resources. I’m still sitting on the fence with this one, not sure whether I want to spend the money. Maybe I could ask my friends to film on their  handheld cameras..

Any ideas? Should I hire someone or get a friend to help me out??


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Wedding Progress

Countdown: 234 days to go

Planning has slowed down a little. Most projects I’ve gotten started with are finished are stored neatly and safely in my wedding cupboard. Yes I have a wedding cupboard.

Doing things myself sure isn’t as fun but I don’t have a choice, M’s busy and not too great with the crafts so I’d rather him not touch them. Mum is busy working and BFF is still down under, so most things are done by myself.

Tip to other brides: Don’t do things by yourself. You can easily get tired and unmotivated. Grab your girls if you can and if not, do as much as you can for as long as you can like me! Then rest and call for help.

I’m using Google Doc’s Wedding Checklist to help me sort everything out. I love the document! it helps me plan my budget, keep track of my guests and best of all I can access it from anywhere since its uploaded on the google drive.



Next on the checklist: Booking of Caterers and Florist.

I think I’m gonna do research on the caterer I want. Full break down, and I’ll share my findings with you.

As for my Florist, my package is linked to 86 Creation Florist; anyone used them before? I think I’ll wait till December when BFF is back to visit her.


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DIY Project: Guest book Ideas

I’ve seen quite a few ideas for guest books .. Polariods or Instacs, scrapbook pages, Classic books, photo albums.

But I can’t afford instacs, I have no time to scrap book (besides thats quite expensive too) and classic books are just too boring for me. So I’m thinking of a more interactive approach – a clothesline hanging guest book!

My evening location would probably have perfectly space poles that are supporting the tent and with some string, pegs (bought! 16 pegs for $1) and paper or in my case, doilies, I have my hanging guestbook! I’m counting on my BMs and other friends to help with the installations of this guest book..





Now I’m just deciding if I should have a table to solely explain the whole concept or just put it with the reception table. And should I have a seating chart shown or should I have ushers to them the table numbers..??

Decisions decisions..

Let me know your ideas, thanks!

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DIY Flower Crowns!

After BFF made a request to wear them I decided to grant her wish and make all my bridesmaids wear one! Flower crowns are all the rage now. I’m hoping they’ll still in style next year.  :/

Anyhoooo, here’s a simple tutorial to make a “half flower crown”. I thought having the whole round crown might be a little too much especially since their dresses are so simple. Half Crowns allow for the chic/boho look without looking overwhelming!

Cost: $11.90 for 21 stalks of foam flowers that made all 3 crowns. So each crown cost me $3.90 🙂
Supplies: Foam flowers from Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura.

1. Prepare 7 wired flower stalks.
2. Bend each one at a 90 degree angle just below the flower, this will create the path on which you will connect other flowers.
3. Take another flower and begin to bend it, and wrap the excess wire along the first one.
4. Continue bending and wrapping each additional flower till you are done.
5. Try on the crown and make sure it fits the curve of your head.
6. When wearing, place pins along the crown, securing it to the hair.

Ta-dah! Feedback from the girls is that they love it. I hope they’re not saying to appease me though! I got a slightly pink one for my maid of honour and cream for the other 2 girls.

What do you think of it? Quite a cheap craft right?! Let me know. 🙂

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Free items from came in on Wednesday! Once again, thank, you guys are awesome!

Things I got for my 30bucks voucher:

1. 1 x Austrian Drilling hair comb 

2. 15 x White Foam Flowers


Both products were of great quality.. would definitely recommend the hair comb, the flowers are slightly too big for a flower crown. May make the girls look like clowns. :/ But they are very pretty. Need to find a new use for them now..

So another update, M & I have bought our wedding bands! We bought them from Couple Lab to save more money  🙂 He chose a simple clear silver band while mine is a rose gold colour cross band with a small cubic zirconia.  We spent around $70 for both rings which is a mighty save from getting it at Love & Co again which may potentially cost as much as $200 for the same simple design.

Again, I don’t say ours was the best way to go but we discussed about what was important to us and made the decision to go ahead with couple lab rings. I think its damn cool anyway.. 🙂 here they are!


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Ideas for Bouquets

Remember my 4K package dilemma that included that beautiful dress?

Well, I’m here to tell you that… We got the package! 🙂 I spoke to M about it and we decided to go it. We probably will be saving on other areas such as flowers for the church and doing more DIY stuff but that’s all worth it when I think of that beautiful dress I will be wearing..

OMG! So freakin excited to go for my first fit in December and best of all, BFF Maid of honour will be back by then!! ❤

That dress is from The Silhouette Atelier.  Other than the made-to-measure dress, it will includes M’s suite (Jacket & Pants only) and from their external vendor 86Creation Florist, my bouquet, 6 boutonnières (or as they call it in Singapore, corsages) and bridal car decor.

Suddenly I got to thinking what kind of bouquets I should be carrying! I want something sweet, romantic yet with unstated glamour, after all I am wearing a fully laced gown, this bouquet should hold up well to the dress. Maybe something, pale pink and white?

I’ve been pinning around on Pinterest, and these are some of my favourites…

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest


And these for my Bridesmaids..


So pretty and sweet! I hope my florist will be able to create something similar for me. I have not met them yet! Will schedule something for December when BFF is back too.


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Surprise Voucher from Lightinthebox!

So I received an email from Lightinthebox telling me that they want to thank me for writing a good review for them on my blog! (I did not know I would be getting a voucher ok!) 🙂

$30 voucher from anything on their wedding page:

Thanks lightinthebox! 🙂 Anyone have any suggestions on what I should get??

1. Flowergirls floral crowns?
2. Hair Comb?
3. Shapewear?
4. Hair Fascinator?
5. Shoes?

Let me know!


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