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Review: Silhouette Atelier

First of all can I just say, I never ever intended to go with a full fledged bridal house. To me, they were expensive and too limited in their gown choices. I wanted something specific and timeless, something that only came to reality in my head. So I searched for places where I could make my bespoke gown but try as I might, I didn’t have a gown moment similar to one I had when I bought my evening dress at La-Mariee. (which is also a wedding dress!!)

I made an appointment with SA (Silhouette Atelier) on a whim to fill up my appointment schedule when BFF was down, we weren’t expecting what would happen next. We stepped into their relatively new home in Emerald Hill, Somerset. It was a beautiful shop house lit by vintage lamps you could only find in old shops in malacca. The top floors had chandeliers. My heart melted.

Point one – I went to the appointment on the wrong date. Instead of Wednesday  I came on tuesday. I’m not sure how this communication breakdown happened but nevertheless  Rebecca, my designer (every brides gets attached to one!) was readily available to let me try on the dresses. I told her what I wanted and she pulled out all the dresses available late into the night, till about 8pm.

Point two – Their dresses are what my wedding dreams are made of. Even those huge fluffy tulle ball gowns were so beautiful it might have changed my mind about my lacy ones. They are pieces of art on hangers, so well made and so delicately thought out. Even better, the variety was amazing. I didn’t believe the 3 full rooms of gowns I saw!

Point three – I think I tried a total of 7 dresses there, all very pretty and very me! But one definitely got me and I had a dress moment with that one. I couldn’t think of any other dress. I had to have that one.

Point four – The price was definitely not a positive aspect of SA. They cost above average on the range so it took me a while before I decided to go with them. They are ex, but like I said to a random SG comment, it depends on what you want. My full lace gown cost $800 more than a normal one.

My first fitting was a few weeks back, and I dont want to put up pictures until the wedding cos I’m afraid M might peek into the blog. I don’t want him to see it! But I am very happy with it. 🙂 It still needs lots of work and alterations but I think its gonna be beautiful.. !


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While I’ve said I’ll do my own make-up, I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether I want to do my own hair.. I do practise once in a while but one hairstyle never turns out the same after I try to attempt it again, which makes me a very nervous bride. BFF said she can help do a Chignon for me but I’m not sure if I want to put that much pressure of getting my wedding hair right on anyone, unless I’m paying them…

So I’m think of getting someone to do my hair for me only. Know anyone that offers this ala-carte service only?

As for inspiration, where better to get it than on the redcarpet! So I was thinking, for the day I’m sort of going for this retro look, so it needs to look classic and simple and let my dress shine on its own! A french twist with side swept bangs seems like the perfect hairstyle for the day, exactly as seen here on Eva:

Something tres chic! Have not yet figured out where my veil will be but should probably be higher up on the head. Doesn’t she look absolutely perfect!!


And.. for night.. since its an outdoor wedding in the middle of one of our hottest months (june), I’ll gonna keep my hair up, HIGH up. Something that looks glamourous but also keeps the hair off my face in case I sweat. haha. I’m looking more into a messy updo with combed back fringe and lots of volume! Like these beautiful starlets:


Call the professionals or DIY?
Risk making a mess of my hair or cut back on cost?

Decisions Decisions… oh well.. What do you guys think? Let me know!


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Dresses I love + Next DIY Projects

After some research into more dresses.. I realise my dress is not exactly a bateau neckline dress, its in fact more like an illusion neckline! Yes, these things do amuse me. 🙂 Check this out for 2013 illusion neckline designs!

The shape is a bateau but because its sheer and made from netting, its considered an illusion neckline. I think they are perfect for a really vintage look and especially for brides who want to look really sexy but without showing too much skin. Something like a peek-a-boo idea. Mine has lace and I LOVE the look of lace on skin. 🙂 Like these:

Anyway, next on my DIY list is personal hangers for me and my girls! Only 7 months left till the big day, I should be taking advantage of the time I have to do all the DIYs I want… I’m looking into making something like this:

DIYs I’ve done so far:

1. Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..)
2. Wedding Cake Toppers
3. Wedding Doily Envelopes
4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns
5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..)
6. Coffee Filter Flowers
7. Glitter Wedding Shoes

DIYs that still need to get done:

1. Self Designed Invites on Photoshop
2. Pom Pom Streamers
3. Cup Cake Tier stand
4. Personal Hangers
5. Hanging Clothesline Guestbook
6. Any other random thing I can think of….

Am I craaaazzzyy or what? Anyway, would love to hear some tips and tricks from any of you ladies. Have a great day! 🙂


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Wedding Trend 2013: Bateau Neckline?

I’ve been browsing (heavily!) through Martha Stewart’s Bridal Market this week. The runways are packed full of the Spring 2013 collections from all the designers. Good places to start ‘inspiration shopping’!

I’m not usually a follow-the-trend kind of person, I always find comfort in going back to retro/traditional styles. Something that will stand the test of time. But coincidentally, 2013 trends seem to be heading in my favour! Check out all the bateau necklines this season!

Wiki definition: “A boat neck, also called a bateau neck or Sabrina neckline, is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone. It is traditionally used in nautically inspired sweaters and knitwear, but is also featured in more elegant cocktail dresses and eveningwear. The style derives from sailors’ blouses or sweaters, often with wide navy and white horizontal stripes. 

I’m super happy I chose my bateau (regardless if it was the next trend or not!). The bustier is too common for me, I wanted something different and after trying on this beautiful neckline, I was sold.

Funny thing is – Singapore Bridal Houses don’t have that many options when it comes to necklines… Sure we see many different types of skirt shapes. Ball gown, A Line, Trumpet, sheath and they all seem to come with the bustier neckline! Maybe the majority of people here still like the bustier, after all it is the most flattering on most body types. I’m lucky enough to be getting a dress made to measure for my body type and designed to my liking at Silhouette Atelier.

I’ll write a more depth review of the place after my first fitting in December for you ladies thinking of signing with them.

Also I had a question from a SG bride, thought I should share it with everyone!

Question : Love your site! Gonna bookmark it. I’m planning for my wedding in late 2013 in Sg, and it seems like we’re both keen on making it a DIY event! But like you, I’ve fallen somewhat in love with the Silhouette’s dress that comes with a hefty tag. :/ Do you think it’s worth it – if I don’t want the flowers / suit … :/

– J

My Reply:

Hi J! Thanks for dropping a comment. Nice to know that there are more SG brides doing the DIY wedding.

About the pricey dresses at Silhouette, it really depends on you and the decision you are most comfortable with. It sounds clichéd but the truth is, you answer to yourself when after the wedding you either regret not getting the dress of your dreams or not having enough money for the banquet you wanted. 3K is a lot for 1 dress you are barely going to wear for 6 hours, but how important is the dress to you?

To me, the dress was NO compromise. I was willing to give up on flowers, get the cheapest buffet spread, buy cheapo budget wedding bands because I knew those weren’t as important to me as getting my dream dress, I have dreamt of it since I was 6! So that’s how I decided to go with Silhouette – even with the price, I was assured that the workmanship would first class!

So think about it, I know this is a concrete answer but its your wedding dream dress.. I say follow your heart, spend on what you know you won’t regret spending on, like an awesome photographer or the dress of your dreams :) Good luck!



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Wedding Caterers

So I’m hitting the 6 month mark soon and a lot things need to fall within the 6 months marker.. one of which is deciding and contacting the caterers for the church reception.

Now I’m not too particular about food.. I know many couple who are and who have paid for an indulgent feast from places like Purple Sage, Neo’s Garden and Rasel. While I have nothing against people who love to savour the finer stuff, I prefer spending my money else where. Food isn’t too big a concern for us. I don’t need the fancy food, as long as my guests are not kept hungry after the ceremony is enough for me. M’s stand on this is exactly like mine.

I think sometimes people want to spend a lot because of pressure from parents and friends weddings, to give their guests a really good time. It’s easy to spend too much so I believe that while his or my parents may want a really big spread, I’m opting for simpler food. -In other words,  ITS OK TO GO CHEAP!

So I headed to (love this place because they offer CASHBACK omg!) and just went for the most simplest / cheapest / fuss free set I could find. Here’s a narrowed down list, some have minimum number of people but since mine is 200 for church, I definitely surpassed it:


I’m gonna ask M what he think and start looking into reviews for these few places before making my choice.

Any of you tried these places before? Any recommendations?


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Wedding Videos

Coco Rocha + James Conran

This is not a new video – in fact I think it’s really old. Probably 2-3 years old. But it never gets old. For me at least.

This whole wedding was such an inspiration to what I wanted for our wedding. It’s probably my 100th time watching the video today and I such am in such awe of the beautiful details. Her PERFECTLY round rose bouquet, her Zac Posen mermaid gown, her slightly smokey eye makeup, his simple tuxedo with that gorgeous white boutonnière rose.

VERY COINCIDENTALLY, Coco Lee’s wedding was also to die for… I should write about that another day.. I want to be a Coco.

Which leads me to wondering if I should hire a videographer… (I know, I know.. it’s not a wedding on a dime any more if I keep adding on this list of things I want..) But I wonder if at the end of the day, I would really watch it often and is it worth paying a professional to do it. I want to capture the morning and the ‘getting ready’ process, it’s my favourite part of the day..

Some go as low as little as SGD$488 for half day filming (VideoBox) and some go as high as SGD$2680 for 8 hours of filming (36frames). Of course it will highly depends on their skills/experiences/resources. I’m still sitting on the fence with this one, not sure whether I want to spend the money. Maybe I could ask my friends to film on their  handheld cameras..

Any ideas? Should I hire someone or get a friend to help me out??


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Weekend Find! Earrings

Weekends are my favourite time of the week! Not only can I spend time with M, I also get to roam the streets of Orchard while he’s busy doing other things. I run by the *Scape flea markets, pop by 313 Orchard and just yesterday H&M!

And for the first time, I saw the high street brand carried clip-on earrings. OMG. Do you know how happy that makes a earhole less  girl? .. VERY happy. They might not be ‘wedding’ material but I would definitely consider them to $1000 Mondial jewellery. Can you imagine them with a full on tulle ball gown! Stunning…  I might wear them for the evening look, they look pretty enough. 🙂

3-jeweled: S$5.90  /  tear-drop jewel: S$9.90

Chunky and oh so glamorous. ❤


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Finding the dress: Ines De Santo “Lissome”

So I have designed the dress of my dreams.. Not exactly like how I imagined it since I was 12 but it turned out to be even more beautiful and classic, but I honestly kept wondering if there was any dress out there! People often find the dress and then start searching for a replica or something that looks something like it, but it’s kinda the opposite for me.. So my search started….

And just by chance, while browsing my “The Knot” magazine that a friend bought from the USA for me..  The dress was so similar I had to find out what it was, all it stated on the page was that it was from Ines De Santo. A simple search on google came to some successful results, the dress’s name was Lissome from their spring/summer 2012.

“Ivory Alencon lace fit-to-flare gown with cameo pink underlay featuring a bateau neckline off-the-shoulder sleeve and dramatic lace bow at back “

And this is what it looks like:

Isn’t she just gorgeous..? And she looks (sans the big bow at the back) like my dress!!

1. Mermaid shape
2. All lace
3. Bataeu neckline
4. Cap sleeves
5. Low back

1. The lace patterns are slightly different.
2. the bataeu neck line on mine is slightly less crowded with lace.
3. I don’t have the big bow, but my train is about 0.5m longer.

🙂 December is too far away.. I want to go for my fitting now!

What do you think of the Lissome by Ines De Santo??


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The Dress?


I cannot confirm nor deny that this is my stunning dream dress. heh. 🙂


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Tattoos: Show or cover up?

I have 1 tattoo on my upper back. It’s in the shape of a shadow of a cross. I’ve had it since I was 18 and it’s the only one I will ever have.
Now while M and I have no problems with my tattoo (prefered if I hadn’t done it though..) I am not sure I want it on display on the wedding day. Plus the ‘dream dress’ has kind of a low back so there’s no chance of hiding it. So I’m thinking of concealing it with makeup.

I’ve researched about the procedure and how to go about doing it with what kind of products. They say you need 3 shades of concealer. Start from the lightest and work to the darkest, making sure the darkest fits the skin colour. Let the product dry onto the skin after each layer. When finished with all 3 layers, powder and let dry completely.

Sounds easy dosen’t it? Well, I did a test run on myself the other day, almost gave myself a neckache trying to reach my back all the time.. Not. Easy. At. All. I used the camoflauge palette from Kryolan which is highly pigmented, thick and paste-y. Even then I need 7 layers to get the kind of coverage I needed!!!

I’m planning to get my sister, who has countless of tattoos of her own and help me coverup while I’m getting ready.

sigh. Slightly panicking now.

Any of you girls needed to cover up for your wedding? What did you use??

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