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Wedding Hair Inspiration

I have decided. I am going to get someone to do my hair for me, while I do my own make-up.

I have a practise run with myself last week when the BMs and I went for our Groupon photoshoot with Lumiere Photography. Feedback was the eyes need to be a little heavier and more blusher to show in photos. I will do one more test run before going for my next dress fitting to see the whole effect. As for my hair, my hair stylist (whom I will introduce at a later date) agreed to do my hair for trial and actual day and night for $240.

For the style, I’m really loving the soft pompadour look. I’ve been trying to grow my fringe longer to have a side swept fringe look, but the more I look at the pompadour look, the more I love it. It looks so much more.. royal! Check out the pictures below which I collected from the TV, the net and instagram.

wedding hair

Don’t they look so grand? No side swept fringe, just this grand looking poof at the front ad a curly chignon at the back.  I shall go with this look but maybe I’ll consult my hair stylist first.  🙂




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While I’ve said I’ll do my own make-up, I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether I want to do my own hair.. I do practise once in a while but one hairstyle never turns out the same after I try to attempt it again, which makes me a very nervous bride. BFF said she can help do a Chignon for me but I’m not sure if I want to put that much pressure of getting my wedding hair right on anyone, unless I’m paying them…

So I’m think of getting someone to do my hair for me only. Know anyone that offers this ala-carte service only?

As for inspiration, where better to get it than on the redcarpet! So I was thinking, for the day I’m sort of going for this retro look, so it needs to look classic and simple and let my dress shine on its own! A french twist with side swept bangs seems like the perfect hairstyle for the day, exactly as seen here on Eva:

Something tres chic! Have not yet figured out where my veil will be but should probably be higher up on the head. Doesn’t she look absolutely perfect!!


And.. for night.. since its an outdoor wedding in the middle of one of our hottest months (june), I’ll gonna keep my hair up, HIGH up. Something that looks glamourous but also keeps the hair off my face in case I sweat. haha. I’m looking more into a messy updo with combed back fringe and lots of volume! Like these beautiful starlets:


Call the professionals or DIY?
Risk making a mess of my hair or cut back on cost?

Decisions Decisions… oh well.. What do you guys think? Let me know!


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