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Hello again!

Hi everyone.. *crickets chirping*

Ok so maybe no one comes around here anymore but I’ve been missing some creative action and I decided to start documenting (again..) the process of my new house!

Kinda like a graduation of sorts, wedding then house, who knows sooner or later I’ll start a mommy blog. THAT is another story for another time.. For now, I’m starting on my 1 year journey to interior design heaven. (Or hell depending on my fickle brain.) I’ll be holding on to the same principles I designed my wedding with – Cheap/Good/DIY/Meaningful  so if you are a Singapore new wife waiting patiently for your BTO (Built to Order) Flat to get ready, you could tag along and share your ideas or home decor with me too!

Come join me? 🙂


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Preparation Pictures

Preparation Pictures


My bed has officially become my wedding shelf and it’s a mess with all the invitation sorting done on it.

A day out to Chinatown’s market last Sunday and I came back with a beautiful paper cut double ‘Xie’ that is almost mandatory in the bride’s home. This medium sized one cost me $12.50

Ang baos! Well, they are not exactly ‘Ang’ (red) but they were the only one’s that were tasteful and simple and pretty enough for me. They can be found at China Town market @ $1.5 for 5 packets.  Need to come up with a list of recipients soon.


DIY Photo frame Sign (thingy..)

This is super simple, it shouldn’t even be a DIY project. But anyhoo..

Cost: $2 only! 
(Photo frame from Daiso where everything is $2, Pink scrap paper was lying in my scrap box and foam words were what was left I had in my sponge letters set.)


I wanted something to encourage people to write for my hanging doily guestbook so this idea only came to me when I was strolling down the aisles of Daiso and saw this super lovely photoframe! Look how expensive the border looks 🙂

I created this little message based on whatever sponge foams I had left.


Stuck them onto the glass of the photoframe – NOT behind, as I wanted that 3D pop up effect.


Used nice pink paper behind and ta-dah!


Only 3 more months before me and M take the walk down the aisle, say our vows and promise to live together forever. I can’t help but feel nervous, butterflies fluttering everywhere in my tummy. I keep imagining how the whole day will happen.. What will be my favourite moment? How will I feel after the whole day is over? I can only dream now.. 🙂



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Wedding Nails

I called Silhouette asking if we could come down soon for a fitting but turns out my next fitting is in May. Which is weird. Cos I remember very clearly we agreed on February. Reason being, she said, we want to alter as close to the actualy date as possible so the fitting will be accurate. Oh well. Can’t see the dress for the next 3 months then.

I’ve been scanning pinterest for nail designs I love recently. As well as wondering which nail salon I should head over to. There are a few favourites I have now but I still don’t know where is worth my money. I want to keep things quitee simple, no bejeweled nails for me. I can’t stand the feeling of having things on my finger nails.


I’m thinking french manicure with a slight twist. I’m not too certain what that slight twist might be now… Maybe a little bit of glitter, or a lacey design or a flower stiker?


Source: via Denise on Pinterest


Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Something else….

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

So which one to choose?? They all look so beautiful.

I’ve been looking into holding my pampering manicure session with my BMs at these places:

1. Thumblina Nails @ Bukit Timah
2. Pink Parlour @ several locations
3. Nails Cottage @ punggol
4. Juup Nails @ Several Locations
 5. Envy Nail Lounge @ Peck Seah
6. My Cozy Room @ Cairnhill

Any others you recommend?  Let me know.. Thanks!



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DIY Tutorial: Cupcake Stand

130 days to go!

Super overdue.. but here is my simple tutorial on my very DIY cupcake stand.

First of all, let me tell you how ‘DIY’ this whole thing is. Cake bases very cardboard ones I bought from a nameless store in Bedok Interchange that sells EVERYTHING -from kettles to curtains, brooms to cake moulds. They vary in price but all four bases cost below $15. I cut out circles from black vanguard and for the stands in between the circles, I used earbud boxes. Yes, you heard me. Earbud boxes. $2 each from Daiso. So not only do I have clear sturdy stand, I also have enough earbuds to last me the next 3 years.

Cost: 3 x earbud containers ($6) + $15 for cake bases =  $21

There are many brilliant tutorials online that teach you how to make your own. Check out this page for a great compilation!

cake1 cake2


1. Gather materials! You’ll need cake bases as tiers (depending on how many tiers you want), solid colour or patterned papers and stands from the in-between. Glue guns and scissors too!

2. Start by preparing each bases, cut and glue the paper and let dry.

3. Then measure to find where the middle spot is. Glue gun the bottom to the bases ensuring its in the middle for good balance.

4. Decorate as you deem fit!

What do you think? Let me know.. 🙂 Finalising the design for the invites now.

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DIY Wedding Make up

Long hiatus but I’m back. Work’s been a little complicated recently so I had to focus my time there.

137 days to go!

Anyway, now that I’ve decided to go into full swing into wedding prep, I decided to use my sephora vouchers to good use and get some good stuff for the actual day. Now this is no make up blog but since I am doing my own make up, I thought i should just let everyone in on the make-up I’m going to use, review it and rate it. Maybe it will help another bride who is thinking of doing her own make up to decide on what to use too. 🙂

Foundation – I will be using Revlon Colourstay Liquid in Sand Beige
I love this foundation. Best you can get for a drugstore brand. It stays on the whole day without budging (even after an hour at the gym!) and dries matte but not too dry that makes your skin look flat. In fact, I think it makes my skin slightly glowy! Its a medium to full coverage formula and very buildable. When paired with powder it stays even longer and looks really flawless. All perfect points for a bride who needs to look good without any touch ups. It has a chemically scent and the bottle isn’t very user friendly but who cares? I got it at Watsons during their 25% of everything sale, so for the price of $23 [orginally SGD$30.25] I think its worth it.

Concealer – I will be using Smashbox High definition liquid concealer in Fair
This is a new product to me. I just got it 2 days ago from my spree at Sephora with vouchers from awesome colleagues. It was between this, makeup forever and amazing cosmetics concealer. I chose this purely because it was the cheapest of the lot. I’ve been using it and I like the results so far. It’s long staying and I only need a little to give me sufficient coverage. $32 @ Sephora

Powder – I will be using Kryolan’s Transluscent Powder
Got used to working with this during Make up school at Cosmoprof. If its good enough for the stage, it’s good enough for me.

Eyebrow/liner pencil – I will be using Kryolan’s Brown and Black Liner
I like this pencil cos it’s soft and blendable. Most of the time I use this as a smokey base instead of an actual liner!

Eye Shadow – I will be using Coastal Scents 88 Palette
I know there are proabably better brands out there like Urban Decay’s Naked Paletter or Too Face but I’ll be honest, I’m strapped for cash and the 88 palette does the job perfectly in my opinion. They have great colours and I’ve been practising with the shades I love!

Mascara – I will be using Maybelline’s Falsies
I love maybellin’s extreme volume collection. They really work like a charm. They are one of the most sort after brands in the drug store series. So because I’m going the also apply false lashes, I need something that can hold the lashes and not fall flat during the day. This definately does that! Only $19 at Watsons

False lashes – I will be using Ardell’s individual lashes with Duo glue
I’m going to use individual lashes for both morning and evening. I know it’s not common especially here in SG where most brides where strip lashes but strangely strip lashes are more difficult for me to put on! So I’m practise with indivi duals and so far, I really like the wide eyed look it gives! Looks a lot more natural too.

Highlighter/Contour – I will be using Kryolan’s highlighter and contour
I already have this in my make up bag so I’m gonna use it!

Blush – I will be using Bobbi Brown’s Desert Rose
Not too bright or red, This gives a very natural rosy blush.

Lip – UNDECIDED! (any suggestions??)

For fun, I thought I’d write down a blue print of all the steps I have to do.. In case I get the pre-wedding jitters and (quite unlikely!) completely forget my make up routine..

1. My beauty Diary Mask [1/2 hour before]
2. SK II Serum
3. Primer [Laura Mercier]
4. Foundation w foundation brush and sponge
5. Concelaer under eye / Blemish correcting
6. Cheek Tint
7. Translucent powder all over
8. Eyebrow with pencil and powder
9. Pearl eyeshadow base
10. Brown eye shadow
11. Liner and curl lashes
12. Mascara
13. Contour cheek, forhead, nose
14. highlight cheekbone, cupids bow and forehead
15. Blush
16. Individual false eyelashes
17. black liquid liner
18. Lips
20. Setting mist.

All this in 1.5 hours!  I’ve been doing practise sessions on the weekend so I’m confident it will all turn out right!

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Wedding Photobooth!

Wedding Photobooth!

Spotted: A wonderful opportunity for all budget brides! has a promo on right now for a mobile photobooth at SGD$288 for 2 hours or $388 for 3 hours for unlimited shots and unlimited prints. Company’s name is Phooth (photo & booth, get it?)

I’m still contemplating on getting this service. I’m not even sure if I have enough space in the evening to accommodate them, but couldn’t keep this a secret from all of you! Make use of this deal, I don’t think these come by Groupon very often!

Market rate is about $750 for 3 hours by the way. this is quite a good deal 🙂


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Wedding Booklet Template!

My first give away (well, sort of!)!

If you are a catholic Bride to be, you should know that recently the mass structure has changed. There are new text and new words for the mass order. This, of course, has affected all weddings and made many wedding templates online obsolete since they are not in use any more.

So I did some re-typing and changed it to reflect the current order! Ta-dah!

Wedding Booklet Template 2013:
I don’t know why but sometimes google doc messes up my alignments so I do apologise in advance for the weird spacings.

So some points to note:
1. I included a commentator’s welcome note – OPTIONAL.
2. Please fill in your names, don’t leave it as “bride and groom” -.-
3. Songs and Readings inserted are my choices. Please edit with your songs.
4. I included Processional and Recessional song songs – OPTIONAL
5. I added a Thank You page at the back, optional but I highly suggest adding it.
6. This booklet is for a full mass, not service.
7. Last but not least, always seek final approval from your celebrant priest!

You can use this and edit your own powerpoint slides if you have a high tech church like mine. 🙂 Anyway, please let me know if you have used this or if you found it helpful, I’d love the feedback. Hope this helps someone!


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Review: Silhouette Atelier

First of all can I just say, I never ever intended to go with a full fledged bridal house. To me, they were expensive and too limited in their gown choices. I wanted something specific and timeless, something that only came to reality in my head. So I searched for places where I could make my bespoke gown but try as I might, I didn’t have a gown moment similar to one I had when I bought my evening dress at La-Mariee. (which is also a wedding dress!!)

I made an appointment with SA (Silhouette Atelier) on a whim to fill up my appointment schedule when BFF was down, we weren’t expecting what would happen next. We stepped into their relatively new home in Emerald Hill, Somerset. It was a beautiful shop house lit by vintage lamps you could only find in old shops in malacca. The top floors had chandeliers. My heart melted.

Point one – I went to the appointment on the wrong date. Instead of Wednesday  I came on tuesday. I’m not sure how this communication breakdown happened but nevertheless  Rebecca, my designer (every brides gets attached to one!) was readily available to let me try on the dresses. I told her what I wanted and she pulled out all the dresses available late into the night, till about 8pm.

Point two – Their dresses are what my wedding dreams are made of. Even those huge fluffy tulle ball gowns were so beautiful it might have changed my mind about my lacy ones. They are pieces of art on hangers, so well made and so delicately thought out. Even better, the variety was amazing. I didn’t believe the 3 full rooms of gowns I saw!

Point three – I think I tried a total of 7 dresses there, all very pretty and very me! But one definitely got me and I had a dress moment with that one. I couldn’t think of any other dress. I had to have that one.

Point four – The price was definitely not a positive aspect of SA. They cost above average on the range so it took me a while before I decided to go with them. They are ex, but like I said to a random SG comment, it depends on what you want. My full lace gown cost $800 more than a normal one.

My first fitting was a few weeks back, and I dont want to put up pictures until the wedding cos I’m afraid M might peek into the blog. I don’t want him to see it! But I am very happy with it. 🙂 It still needs lots of work and alterations but I think its gonna be beautiful.. !


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Started 2013 with a surprise!

Compliments of the season and a very Happy New Year to all!

2013 has finally arrived and all too soon so, will our wedding day. I’m feeling extremely nervous and excited all at the same time.

Yesterday January the 1st was our one year engagement anniversary, 🙂 One year ago, on that exact date, M asked me to marry him. And I said yes. There were many moments throughout the day when I was staring at my ring. I’ve been wearing this baby for one year already? Wow. Here’s to many more years of saying yes to one another..

On to more exciting news…


It was such a random surprise because it was just a comment and I really didn’t think they would pick me! But because I checked the the website every now and then I saw this post and did a mini scream in the middle of my office!  Thank you shopmerrylove, you guys have really made my day.

I won pom poms! I’m not sure colour I will get, but I will of course blog about the loot once they contact me about collection.

Head over to them if you need beautiful decor stuff for your wedding. They quite affordable but you need to pre-order first so be careful with shipping time. THANK YOU SHOPMERRYLOVE!!
Too exciting to see my stuff 🙂


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