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Tattoos: Show or cover up?

I have 1 tattoo on my upper back. It’s in the shape of a shadow of a cross. I’ve had it since I was 18 and it’s the only one I will ever have.
Now while M and I have no problems with my tattoo (prefered if I hadn’t done it though..) I am not sure I want it on display on the wedding day. Plus the ‘dream dress’ has kind of a low back so there’s no chance of hiding it. So I’m thinking of concealing it with makeup.

I’ve researched about the procedure and how to go about doing it with what kind of products. They say you need 3 shades of concealer. Start from the lightest and work to the darkest, making sure the darkest fits the skin colour. Let the product dry onto the skin after each layer. When finished with all 3 layers, powder and let dry completely.

Sounds easy dosen’t it? Well, I did a test run on myself the other day, almost gave myself a neckache trying to reach my back all the time.. Not. Easy. At. All. I used the camoflauge palette from Kryolan which is highly pigmented, thick and paste-y. Even then I need 7 layers to get the kind of coverage I needed!!!

I’m planning to get my sister, who has countless of tattoos of her own and help me coverup while I’m getting ready.

sigh. Slightly panicking now.

Any of you girls needed to cover up for your wedding? What did you use??

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