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DIY Tutorial: Cupcake Stand

130 days to go!

Super overdue.. but here is my simple tutorial on my very DIY cupcake stand.

First of all, let me tell you how ‘DIY’ this whole thing is. Cake bases very cardboard ones I bought from a nameless store in Bedok Interchange that sells EVERYTHING -from kettles to curtains, brooms to cake moulds. They vary in price but all four bases cost below $15. I cut out circles from black vanguard and for the stands in between the circles, I used earbud boxes. Yes, you heard me. Earbud boxes. $2 each from Daiso. So not only do I have clear sturdy stand, I also have enough earbuds to last me the next 3 years.

Cost: 3 x earbud containers ($6) + $15 for cake bases =  $21

There are many brilliant tutorials online that teach you how to make your own. Check out this page for a great compilation!

cake1 cake2


1. Gather materials! You’ll need cake bases as tiers (depending on how many tiers you want), solid colour or patterned papers and stands from the in-between. Glue guns and scissors too!

2. Start by preparing each bases, cut and glue the paper and let dry.

3. Then measure to find where the middle spot is. Glue gun the bottom to the bases ensuring its in the middle for good balance.

4. Decorate as you deem fit!

What do you think? Let me know.. 🙂 Finalising the design for the invites now.

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Dessert tables

2 more days to the 6 month mark.
4 more days to BFF coming home.
5 more days to M’s fitting..

… and 6 more days to mine. Liquid diet starts tomorrow. 

I recently went to a wedding held at church. My choir sometimes get calls to help couples to sing for their masses so I decided to be very active in volunteering in singing for these masses because first and foremost, it’s good karma and also it’s a good way for me to see the whole morning without having to go through a rehearsal  (No such thing as a rehearsal mass, by the way.. it’s just a walk-through one week before the big day where you tell people where to stand at what cue.)

It’s a good opportunity for me to take pictures of flower arrangements  seating pews and any other special things I notice that will help me in deciding what else I should do for the wedding.

This particular wedding was facinating. It was my first time being up close and personal to the most embellished, colourful, filled-to-the-brim, decked-out dessert table.

collage1.jpg collage2
Yes, it looks even more amazing in real life, trust me. It was massive. Diabetes on a table. A buffet of sugary treats. Heaven to anyone who had a sweet tooth. The more I looked at it, the more I had to have one for our wedding, it was so mesmerizing. I didn’t care about any silly budget I had. It was a once in a lifetime day, I wanted a dessert table! I immediately hijacked a name card and iphone-googled the price on the website:

Under the dessert table section I read this, “Our dessert table starts from S$3500 per event, with a minimum guest size of 125.”…… OK  fine. I can’t bloody afford this. I threw the idea of getting one out my mind-window. 😦  $3500? I must have been mad. No one eats that much dessert anyway!

So for all who want to splurge on your one big day, these are a list of companies that do dessert tables (not exhaustive):
Artisan Sweets  – Min $3500
Dessert and Palettes  – Min $1000
Celebrate with cake  – Min $900
Little house of dreams – Min $700
Let them eat cake  – $500 for 30pax~

So I may not get a dessert table as lovely as that but i wonder if we could DIY it? Logistic nightmare? Yeah maybe 😦


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Cupcake Tier DIY Coming Soon!

I’ve bought some of the materials and tried out the shape and height yesterday!

Cake Stand, Cupcake Tier, DIY

It’s balancing on Vitagen/Yakult bottles now. Haha! I may actually use them, I haven’t decided. I’m still hunting around for things that can be recycled.

BIG Tip:  Recycling = Saving the world = Saving lots of money! It may not look like a million bucks, but you put in that hard work and love. That’s priceless. 🙂

I couldn’t find the largest circle for the most bottom piece so I swapped it for a square. I don’t think it’s a big problem, after dressing it up, no one will probably notice.

Tutorial-ish, coming soon!


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My Wedding (Cup)Cake

While we are on a budget for the wedding, M and I also thought it was important to make things meaningful. Often couples don’t know why they want such an extravagant wedding, some don’t have much meaning to them. So in an effort to save money + makes things meaningful, I asked my mum to bake our wedding cake! She’s quite an accomplished baker. Not much of a cook, but no cake has ever gone wrong if they were made by her hands.

Her Signature? My eurasian grandma’s recipe of Sugee Cake.

“If there is a cake that best represents the Eurasian community, it is the Sugee cake. This is like a butter pound cake, except that it is made from semolina flour and ground almonds which give its a gritty crumbly texture.” –

I grew up sith my kitchen constantly smelling like freshly baked sugee cake, a smell I always associate with my mother. I probably did dream of a professionally decorated cake with fondant or buttercream flowers – but nothing compares to my own mum giving my the gift of her creation. That said, I want to share the cake with everyone there and what better way to indulge the masses than with a perfectly sized CUPCAKE.

Next big DIY Project: My Wedding Cupcake tier Stand.

Check out this amazingly easy tutorial @ Cake Journal. Looks so simple and yet so pretty!


This Weddingbee made this! With lacey edges! So cute!

This DIY bride pasted maps on the tops of her tier, giving a lovely vintage look! Creative no?

Ok, off to draft mine up! What should I include for mine? Doiles? Lace? How many tiers for 180 people?


Website showcase:

New website obession:

This website is pinterest just for all things bridal or wedding related. Its full of inspirational pictures of brides, flowers, invitations, vintage decor and so much more. I could spend hours (literally) just browsing through the huge collection it has.

You have got to visit this website!

I’ve since used it to help me get inspiration for my hair and make-up (which I’ve not-quite-concretely decided that I’m going to do myself! Yikes!) as well as ideas for bridal bouquet! 🙂

What I love about the site is the pictures are big and bright, neatly collaged and every single one of the photos are of a certain quality that I love. I  realise there are no amateur pics, no blurry self shots!

Sort by colours, or categories or just head on over to the featured page to get the best of everything!  I hope you have hours of fun scrolling through all these beautiful pages. 🙂

Gonna think about doing an inspiration board for my hair and make up next!


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365 days more.

And the count down begins! Exactly 1 year more.
three.hundred.sixty.five.365 days to go – I’m part excited, part terrified, part anxious, part slightly sad and part calm at this moment.
La Mariee Wedding House is having a sale at the end of this month! Signed myself up for the earliest slot and got my focus on to find myself an evening dress! Up to 50% of and dresses are selling for their retal prices.
TIP: Bridal houses are always getting rid of their old items to make way for the new ones. Budget brides who don’t mind a pre-worn or last seasons dress can find AWESOME deals here.. Be patient and wait for the sales.
All I need now is to appoint a bridesmaid to follow me!
Little cute banner I made with our initials to hover over the little wodden cake toppers. 🙂
1. I took a cardboard sheet and traced the shape of the banner on it.
2. Using a pen knife, I carved the shape out.
3. Painted it with water/acrylic colour and designed it as I wanted to.
4. I stuck satay sticks at the sides so they could be stuck into the cake. 🙂
All this.. for free.. 🙂
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DIY Project: Cake Topper

If any of you are as much a fan of Etsy as I am, you would probably have seen photos of these adorable wooden doll cake toppers.

CreativeButterfliesXOX, IttyBittyWoodShoppe, goosegrease @ Etsy

They are short little stubby people that are hand painted by the sellers to resemble the couple. First time I laid eyes on this idea I knew there was no other cake topper out there for me.

But there’s a catch.

Problem is most of them cost a bomb. Depending on the complexity / customisation of the doll, it could cost from $50 to $88 US Dollars! That’s $110 Singapore Dollars EXCLUDING SHIPPING!! I have a budget to keep to man. So I decided to trust my hands and amateur painting skills, get the naked dolls and paint my own cake topper!

Got the supplies from Etsy too from Wood Toy Shop at $14 SGD including shipping. 🙂 Used cryla acrylic paint I already had for longveity.

I first sketched out the faces by referencing the ones on Etsy (kudos to them!)  and the outfits. ! cut out a patterned dress from my huge collection of doillies and shaped sweet heart neckline. I think it’s pretty cute.

I started painting with a tiny brush and tooth pick to have an exact hair line.

So far I’ve reached this stage.. will finish it soon! Glad I chose to hand paint this myself. Saved myself about $50! woohooo.


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