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Post-wedding Review: Catering Culture

Lunch Caterer: Catering Culture Pte Ltd

Food: 4/5
To be very very honest, I don’t know. Haha. I was too busy being a happy bride and saying hello to everyone who came to my church wedding. However, I did get feedback from everyone who said that the food was really good. Especially the dry Mee Siam which was apparently really delicious. I remember eating a bit after my maid of honour shoved some food in my face and made sure I ate some food lest I fainted or got gastric or something.

Price: 5/5
They were the only caterer out there who really fit my merger budget of $7 per person with 7 dishes and 1 drink. And yet, for the quality that came along with the price, I think it was very well worth it! Cheap and good. I was really impressed that the whole buffet cost me less that 1.5K.

Customer Service: 4/5
They were nice and responded to my emails promptly, often only letting me wait for one day at maximum. They also called me on Friday to reconfirm the order and thank God they did! They almost missed out my dry Mee Siam order… but they pulled through in the end.

Decor: 3/5
We only had 2 choices – Purple or Brown. I choose purple because that was the closest I could get to Pink. I don’t think there was a way to choose another colour, I didn’t ask. I was fine with purple. Not much extra decor, everything else was done by us. Another point to note is that they came down to my venue 1 day in advance (fRiday night) to set up the tables. Good initiative I thought.

Overall: 4.5/5
No regrets at all choosing them! Good food at such an awesome awesome price.


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Wedding Caterers

So I’m hitting the 6 month mark soon and a lot things need to fall within the 6 months marker.. one of which is deciding and contacting the caterers for the church reception.

Now I’m not too particular about food.. I know many couple who are and who have paid for an indulgent feast from places like Purple Sage, Neo’s Garden and Rasel. While I have nothing against people who love to savour the finer stuff, I prefer spending my money else where. Food isn’t too big a concern for us. I don’t need the fancy food, as long as my guests are not kept hungry after the ceremony is enough for me. M’s stand on this is exactly like mine.

I think sometimes people want to spend a lot because of pressure from parents and friends weddings, to give their guests a really good time. It’s easy to spend too much so I believe that while his or my parents may want a really big spread, I’m opting for simpler food. -In other words,  ITS OK TO GO CHEAP!

So I headed to foodline.sg (love this place because they offer CASHBACK omg!) and just went for the most simplest / cheapest / fuss free set I could find. Here’s a narrowed down list, some have minimum number of people but since mine is 200 for church, I definitely surpassed it:


I’m gonna ask M what he think and start looking into reviews for these few places before making my choice.

Any of you tried these places before? Any recommendations?


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