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1 month later

I wonder if anyone still comes here… Hello, anyone there?

Heh. Well, it’s true, the wedding is over. I don’t have much to update unless I have another wedding coming up (which I hope never happens, and if it does, it’s not mine!) so this space has been left to rot in the emptiness of the ever-expanding world wide web. Most reviews are done, unless you brides were looking into getting something more detailed about other things I didn’t review about, let me know.

Photography (Bittersweet by Joseph) and videography (fotowerke) have not given me their deliverables yet. I’m trying not to be the impatient bride who chases and hounds them every minute of everyday and just wait it. Beside, you can’t rush art! 🙂

Contract does state the completion to be 4 to 6 weeks from the wedding day. We are currently in the 4th week so it shouldn’t take too long more, right??? I’ll write their reviews when they come in.




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