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Post-wedding Review: Fotowerke (Videographer)

I just got my wedding video!!!

Service: 5/5
Firstly, just to establish the time line better, I contacted Celestine from Fotowerke 1 month before the actual day, asking if he was available. Usually videographers are booked at least 6 months to a year in advance so our wedding was pretty last minute – a little treat to ourselves because we had saved so much anyway.

I had found them on SingaporeBrides.com and they came with so many good reviews and recommendations. Celestine was quick to reply to my enquiry and was quick to reply all my subsequent replies. All in all it took a week of to and fro before we went to view some samples at his house which we loved. He was very warm and informative.

Style: 4/5
On the day of the wedding Celestine’s colleague (Wei Sing?) was the one to film the whole day. He was pretty quiet and shy, which is good in a way because they style was less directive and more candid. They didn’t tell us to do poses or intrude into private moments. I had hoped for more colour correction especially in some lightings – things either turned out slight yellow or orange.. but if you are not that picky on the colour correction then the video was simple and really sweet.

I don’t really like too stylized or too cheesy stuff.. They really hit a good spot. Simple but not boring.

Price: 5/5
They were so friendly on my pocket!! And I absolutely love them for this. To be honest, I might have this DVD on replay for the next few weeks, but after that, I may play it for special occasions only. Not worth spending $3000 on. Fotowerke quoted me $1,200 for 1 whole day + 2 sets of DVD of the whole day. About 2 hours of show time. I did not want a highlight video for dinner cause my photographer’s package already included a slideshow highlight.

I don’t know if they still quote this price – but if they do, rest assured its a good deal.

Quality: 5/5
The waiting time was 6 weeks. My DVDs were hand delivered to my office in a hard-cover embossed box that read Fotowerke. The CDs had a very nice rose print with our names and date printed on the front of the CD which noted if it was the wedding day or banquet. Really high quality stuff.


Overall: 4.8/5
Can’t imagine I almost didn’t engage a videographer at all! I would have missed out on reliving the entire day in 2 hours of DVD. Fotowerke did an amazing job for the amazing price they had. They were professional and friendly. No regrets at all and come highly recommended by me. 🙂


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Wedding Videos

Coco Rocha + James Conran

This is not a new video – in fact I think it’s really old. Probably 2-3 years old. But it never gets old. For me at least.

This whole wedding was such an inspiration to what I wanted for our wedding. It’s probably my 100th time watching the video today and I such am in such awe of the beautiful details. Her PERFECTLY round rose bouquet, her Zac Posen mermaid gown, her slightly smokey eye makeup, his simple tuxedo with that gorgeous white boutonnière rose.

VERY COINCIDENTALLY, Coco Lee’s wedding was also to die for… I should write about that another day.. I want to be a Coco.

Which leads me to wondering if I should hire a videographer… (I know, I know.. it’s not a wedding on a dime any more if I keep adding on this list of things I want..) But I wonder if at the end of the day, I would really watch it often and is it worth paying a professional to do it. I want to capture the morning and the ‘getting ready’ process, it’s my favourite part of the day..

Some go as low as little as SGD$488 for half day filming (VideoBox) and some go as high as SGD$2680 for 8 hours of filming (36frames). Of course it will highly depends on their skills/experiences/resources. I’m still sitting on the fence with this one, not sure whether I want to spend the money. Maybe I could ask my friends to film on their  handheld cameras..

Any ideas? Should I hire someone or get a friend to help me out??


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