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1 year on + 2nd Wedding.

It’s been one since I got married and everything so far has been no less than awesome. I’m happily married to a man I respect and admire but still love and cherish with equal depth. We’re planning to get our house by the end of the year – BTO Bukit Panjang Segar Palmview.

Anyway, this isn’t a life after wedding blog so I shall get to the good news. My BFF / Maid of honour at my wedding is a newly engaged girl and I’m helping her plan the wedding! So good news, she’s allowed me to blog about it and hopefully hope you guys planning your wedding.

A little more information on the wedding:
Bride: Late 20s / Non-Catholic / Chinese
Groom: Late 20s / Catholic / Chinese
Dating for: 5 years
Wedding Date: 20 June 2015
Wedding Ceremony: Catholic Church [undecided!]
Wedding Banquet: Grand Hyatt [Booked]
Traditional/Non: Tea Ceremony

The rest is completely up in the air and undecided and unbooked. I’m helping the couple cause they are currently residing in Melbourne taking care of their yoghurt business. But she’s flying down from 2- 18 June to dedicate 1 whole week to see to wedding matters.

We’ve booked to see 7 bridal houses:
Silhoutte / Olive suite / Magaret Brides / Blessed Brides / La Marie / La Vita / Time Taken to Make a Dress

We’re planning to see 4 churches:
St. Theresa @ Bukit Purmei
Blessed Sacrament @ Commonwealth
St. Peter and Paul @ Bras Basah
Our Lady of Lourdes @ Bugis

She hasn’t decided on a photographer and videographer yet which kinda scares me. You know how the best are booked up wayyyy in advance.

Will update the progress within the week, in th meantime if you have any request of specific pictures from any of the bridal houses or venues let me know!



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Location Location Location

Maybe it’s quite late in the planning process to do a location themed post but maybe to some brides it might be helpful.

Our wedding, as you know, will be at RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club). M has been a member of this club for about 10 years already and frequents the place quite often. In fact, on 2 of our dates (before we became officially boyfriend-girlfriend) he brought me there and we walked on the jetty out onto the sea. We would stand there, enjoy the night breeze and talk for hours. Which is why the choice of holding the wedding there became so easy.. it was because it held great meaning and memories.

It was by the ocean.. although of in the distance is a shipyard but I didn’t mind, the far off lights made a pseudo star-twinkling effect that would make for great bokeh effects on our photographs 🙂

Cost wise, it was right up our alley. Because M was a member, we had great rates at $102 Nett per pax. Minimum guest count: 180.
This package included:
1. Seafood Live Barbeque Buffet (about 21 course)
2. Foreshore Deck Tent with table and chairs
3. 1 Night at the Bridal Suite
4. Wedding favors (our are measuring spoons reflecting my love for baking)
5. Flower centrepieces and decor
………. Aaaand a whole bunch of stuff that aren’t that important, like dummie cakes, champagne and parking coupons..

2013 hotel prices rarely get this low, especially when you want a 4 – 5 star hotel. Places like Capella and Fullerton start their prices at 1.5 – 1.8 K per table which works out to be $175 – $200 Nett per pax. We could afford it, if we wanted to but clearly, we didn’t.

Some might argue that we were in fact going to be it all back through the angbaos so we could just spend as much as we wanted first. Thats kinda true… assuming all your guest know the “market rate” for the hotel you choose. We just didn’t want to think about ang baos, they are only a token/blessing from our families, not a source of income to pay for our wedding.

Non-hotel weddings are not always the cheapest either because it involved a lot more vendors than a hotel who takes care of everything.. but it is so much more special. Look our for outdoor places like
La villa http://www.lavilla.sg/
Burkill Hall http://www.sbg.org.sg/visitorinfo/venueforrent.asp
Jewel Box http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/index.php?option=com_video

Or indoor unique settings like
Novus Singapore National Musuem http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/index.php?option=com_video
Seb’s Bistro https://www.facebook.com/sebsbistroevents
White Rabbit (My dream location if it wasn’t so expensive) https://www.facebook.com/TWRsg

Be creative! DIY as much as you can to save cost on where you can.
I don’t have any info on the restaurants I have list above because I don’t need it! Unless I take up the challenge to become a full time wedding planner – targetted at budget brides specifically. Would any of you hire me? 🙂 I won’t cost much, for now.

Speaking of more DIYs… I’m planning to put together my flower girl and bridemaids bouquets with fresh flowers on the day before the wedding. Am I cray or what. Anyone knows good DIY flower bouquet tutorials?


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Wedding Progress

Countdown: 234 days to go

Planning has slowed down a little. Most projects I’ve gotten started with are finished are stored neatly and safely in my wedding cupboard. Yes I have a wedding cupboard.

Doing things myself sure isn’t as fun but I don’t have a choice, M’s busy and not too great with the crafts so I’d rather him not touch them. Mum is busy working and BFF is still down under, so most things are done by myself.

Tip to other brides: Don’t do things by yourself. You can easily get tired and unmotivated. Grab your girls if you can and if not, do as much as you can for as long as you can like me! Then rest and call for help.

I’m using Google Doc’s Wedding Checklist to help me sort everything out. I love the document! it helps me plan my budget, keep track of my guests and best of all I can access it from anywhere since its uploaded on the google drive.



Next on the checklist: Booking of Caterers and Florist.

I think I’m gonna do research on the caterer I want. Full break down, and I’ll share my findings with you.

As for my Florist, my package is linked to 86 Creation Florist; anyone used them before? I think I’ll wait till December when BFF is back to visit her.


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